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Ingenico ISC 250


Windward Software


Configuration Over Terminal Services

This is the simplest method as well because it doesn't rely on port forwarding or Remote POS Device Manager.

First you will need to configure the pin pad for TCPIP. To do this, refer to the following document.

Once configured, Set the pin pad type to the ISC 250 and if supported by the payment processor you can set the IP Address in the setup wizard.

Even though you will not be using a COM port to communicate with the pin pad, the DSI Client software requires one to be selected. If you do not select one you will get an error saying “Incomplete Transaction” “COM port not found in XML”. Any valid COM Port can be selected.

When TCPIP isn't supported by Payment processor

Recommendation is to use the Remote POS Device Manager. This is what it was designed for.

Don't use port forwarding or COM Port redirection. This is highly problematic, especially for US Payment Processors.

Configure pinpad from USB-Serial Mode

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