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Installing System Five on a Windows Workstation

Windows Home Edition are NOT networkable operating systems, nor do they provide a STABLE connection between workstations. They are meant for HOME USE ONLY. Hence the name. They are only intended for basic file sharing and printer sharing. Not for networks sharing large amounts of data and that require a stable network connection. Therefore System Five should not be installed on computers with Home Edition operating systems.

Step 1: Map network drive to the shared Windward folder on your server. We usually use the W drive for standardization purposes.

Step 2: Installing System Five: Download a copy of your System Five application by logging in to your myWindward account.

After logging in, click on Updates and then the first option under Software Updates:

Then click Install to download System Five installer:

Step 3: Installing Pervasive: Download a copy of your Pervasive installer from the Pervasive website under Products and make sure you download the correct version according to your license:

Step 4: If the current version of your System Five does not match the one that’s on the other computers, copy the bin contents from the server/main computer and overwrite the bin contents that you have in your local C drive. Note that the System Five installer from the ftp site is an old version. You might have version 6 running. You need to have the same version of System Five.

Step 5: Open your bin folder and look for a file named SystemFive.exe. Highlight, right click and send shortcut to your desktop (delete the old shortcut that automatically populated the desktop when you installed the System Five application earlier).

Step 6: On the desktop, double click on the System Five icon. This should take you to a page where you are asked to link. Please click on Link to new or existing workstation then click on Next. When you see the window where you can select a drive, click on the dropdown and select “W” (if you mapped to W earlier), otherwise, click on the drive that you mapped to. You should see the Windward folder. Double click the folder until you get to System Five » Data. Then click on Next until you reach Finish. You will have installed System Five successfully. Try logging in to make sure. The company box in the log in area should read something like this: W:\\Windward\System5\Data.

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