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 +====== Install Button Greyed Out ======
 +[[http://​​|{{http://​​images/​topxxxgif-ani.gif ​ |Windward Software}}]]
 +====== Explanation ======
 +When trying to link to a new or existing dataset, the Install button is greyed out.
 +====== Detailed Problem Solution ======
 +The file is missing. If it does not exist in the Bin folder that you are starting System Five from, you will not be able to access the Install button on the log in screen.
 +The MUST be the same version as the SystemFive.exe,​ or at least the same Data Version. You can not use one from a different major version.
 +If it is missing, ether copy it from another folder, re-install System Five, or upgrade to the current release.
 +Created by Steve Wind May 19 2017
 +[[http://​|{{ ​ http://​​support/​images/​cust_support_banner_bottom.jpg ​ |myWindward}}]]
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