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Payroll Imports

Problem importing Simply Accounting

Incorrect Date Format

Simply Payroll will export the Date in one of two possible formats. System Five™ can import either, however the date information must follow the following format dd-mm-yy or dd/mm/yyyy layout in order for System Five™ to properly import the information.
The two types of date formatting are shown below:
Below are examples of 'July 14/2004' represented in the two acceptable date formats that System Five™ understands.

  • Format 1 - 14/07/2004
  • Format 2 - 14-07-04

The export date format may depend on date settings within Simply Accouting, or your computer date format in the regional settings within your control panel.

Problem importing Simply Accounting 2008

SIMPLY PAYROLL IMPORT: The import file does not have the correct number of columns.

Simply version 2008 export has dropped a column from the export. We are currently working on a change for this, but in the meantime you can edit the export file in excel, and add a blank column just prior to the “Account Description” column.

The procedure for exporting from Simply Accounting is detailed in the help file under Simply Accounting Payroll Import.

The file format System Five is expecting is:

  • Unordered List Item
  • column 1 Cheque Date
  • column 2 Journal Number
  • column 3 Cheque Number
  • column 4 Cheque Name
  • column 5 Blank or G/L account number (this column, usually blank, is missing in 2008)
  • column 6 G/L account number/description
  • column 7 Debits
  • column 8 Credits

If column 5 is blank, the G/L account number and account description is in column 6.
If column 5 contains the account number, then column 6 contains just the description.

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