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The Mercury Payments Setup

Step 1) Select “Setup Wizard”

Step 2) Select “To Advance Mode”

Step 3) Select “Credit/Debit Card Verification Options

Step 4) Select “Mercury Payment Systems

Step 5) Select “Processor Tab” Make sure you selected Proper Processors (Supported US Processors or Canadian Processors)

Figure 1

Step 6) Select “Credit/Debit Cards Tab” Check off any of the options you would like to use.

Allow Cash Back on Debit Cards: Check this box if you wish to have a Cash Back field when paying by Debit Card.

Use Card Reader on Pin Pad. This option allows the pin-pad on the VeriFone 2000 to be used instead of a keyboard magnetic stripe reader. The VeriFone 2000 card reader will not return the Customer's name (Track 1). If this option is checked, you can use either the keyboard magnetic stripe reader (M.S.R.) or the VeriFone 2000 card reader. With Canadian Debit Cards you must use the Pin Pad to swipe Debit Cards and you must use the M.S.R to read Credit Cards.

Use AVS (Address Verification Service). Check this option if you are performing telephone/mail (MOTO) order or Internet Sales and wish to verify that the shipping address is the same as the card holder’s address. You can usually get better rates when performing this operation on MOTO transactions.

Allow collecting of credit card information for later authorization. Check this option if you are doing Internet Sales, as it will keep the CC Information with the invoice for a short period of time.

Allow use of Pre-Authorization on Invoices. Check this option if you want to pre-authorize credit cards. Pre-Authorize will reserve funds on a customer's credit card for 2 to 7 days. It is important that when you ship the invoice that the pre-authorization is Captured. This advanced feature should not be used without full training and understanding of Pre-Auth / Capture procedures.

Allow Use of Auth Only on Invoices. This is the same as using Pre-authorization. This advanced feature should not be used without full training and understanding of Pre-Auth / Capture procedures.

Merchant Number: Enter your Mercury Payments Merchant number here. If you are using departments and each department has a different merchant number, leave this blank and enter the merchant number on the department names setup screen. The merchant number is normally in the format number=name.

Terminal Id. This should be blank, unless specified by Mercury Payments.

Step 7) Enter the Merchant Number, Pin Pad Id in the columns provided

Step 8) Select the model number of the Pin Pad and Make sure you selected the right com port number for the Pin Pad

If you change pin pads, you will need to change the Id and do a key exchange. You may need to Reset the Sequence Number if the key exchange does not work. You will then have to synchronize the key sequence with the PIN PAD. To do this, from the Main File Menu, select Mercury Payments → Pin Key Change. You will need to perform this anytime you get an Encryption Error, or if you move the Pin Pad from one machine to another.

Figure 2

Figure 3

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