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-====== Unable to watch and / or hear the training videos ======+====== Unable to watch and / or hear training videos ======
-Our wiki and ​selfhelp ​are typically using flash players to view.  There are two possible problems that could cause video playback issues using the flash player.  ​note that links will require a download of a codec from the following link.+Our selfhelp ​uses the Adobe flash player ​for video content.  ​Flash will continue to be supported until December 31st, 2020.
-<​note>​If you are trying to watch a gotomeeting session you will need to install​<​/note>+===== Can't See the Video ==== 
 +Often this is the browser defaulting to not allowing Flash content.  ​If you do not have flash installed download from [[​|Adobe Flashplayer website]].
-==== Try this first ==== 
-The first is that your flash player is too old and out of date.  We use the latest Flash software for creating our marketing and training videos because the images are crisper and clearer and are faster to download. ​ A common symptom is that you can hear the video but not see the image. ​  ​Download and install the new player, free of charge, from [[http://​​products/​flashplayer/​|http://​​products/​flashplayer/​]] ​  This should only take a few moments. 
-==== Try this second if the first doesn'​t work ==== +==== To enable Flash in Google Chrome ​==== 
- +  - Click on the "View Site Information"​ bubble to the right of the website link. 
-The second problem may be the codec used by the video system.  ​If you are unable to view the training videos and / or are unable to here them, try downloading and installing the latest K-LITE CODEC pack from the following WEB site:  ​[[​download/​K_Lite_Codec_Pack.htm|http://​​download/​K_Lite_Codec_Pack.htm]] ​ Download the Full version and install using the defaults provided. That should resolve any display / audio issues with watching our training videos.+  - From the dropdown choose "​Allow"​ for Flash. 
 +  ​Click the Reload button when you see "To Apply your updated settings to this site, reload this page"​ 
 +====To enable Flash in Microsoft Edge====
 +  - Click on the "View Site Information"​ bubble to the right of the website link.
 +  - Choose Site Permissions from the menu.
 +  - Half way down the list you should see Adobe Flash 
 +  - Click on the drop down and choose "​Allow"​
 +  - Click on "​Reset"​ when you are prompted to "Reset site Permissions"​
 +  - A ribbon will appear below the website. "To see settings updates, refresh the page"
 +  - Click Refresh button.
 +===== Update Flash =====
 +Sometimes your flash player may not be installed, too old or out of date.  A common symptom is that you can hear the video but not see the image. ​  ​Download and install the player, free of charge, from [[http://​​products/​flashplayer/​|http://​​products/​flashplayer/​]].
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