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 {{faq:​odbc-5.jpg|}} {{faq:​odbc-5.jpg|}}
-===== loading ​MS Excel multi-line Comments =====+===== Loading ​MS Excel Multi-line Comments ===== 
 +When using Excel to enter a multi-line comment in an Excel cell, you can press Alt-Enter to get a new line. 
 +Then, the comment can be continued on the next line. 
 +**You need to use this ODBC load to data load a sheet with multi-line comments. ​ A CSV multi-line comment data load will give you garbage.** 
 +You can create an amalgamation of Excel cells to create a multi-line comment cell before importing. 
 +<​note>​For example, you may have an Excel sheet with a Note1, Note2, and Note3 column. 
 +You can merge these into a 4th column before data loading by first using a formula in Excel. 
 +If B2, C2, and D2 contained Note1, Note2, and Note3, in E2 enter this formula: 
 +=B2 & CHAR(10) & C2 & CHAR(10) & D2 
 +The CHAR(10) character acts a newline character, which System Five will recognize as a new line in the comment box.</​note>​
 ====== Alternate Instructions for 64 bit versions of Excel ====== ====== Alternate Instructions for 64 bit versions of Excel ======
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