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The Inventory Quantity Check report is designed to allow you to replace missing History Records and identify outages. The two methods to do this are to use the 1 of the 2 grey buttons embedded into each of the rows, or 1 of the 2 Adjust All buttons at the top of the report.


  1. The number one requirement is to run this only after you have run a backup. This report can change the quantities in large portions of your inventory, do not run this report without having completed a backup. Information: if you have not restored your backup to the training data base recently you have not really done a backup.
  2. Have a thorough understanding of inventory management within System Five. See quiz at bottom of page for a better idea.

Quiz (Do you know your stuff)

  1. Can the Item History Check be run without doing a backup?
  2. Which tab on an Inventory Record can Manual Adjustements be viewed on?
  3. How many records are created when you one of the Adjust All buttons?
  4. Should you ever hit both of the adjust all buttons?
  5. What does it mean if the Calculated and In Stock figures are the same on the report but the report shows a difference?

See answers at bottom of page

Additional Information

  • If running this report in a departmentalized system you must do the quantity check once in each department if you want to be able to use any of the adjustment buttons on the report.

What is a History Record

A History Record is a copy or recording of a transaction that effects your inventory. The History Records are used in System Five do display sales history information and to speed up the display of historical purchases of, sales of, and adjustments of your invnentory. This is a secondary store of information which effects some reports but does not effect the stock levels of inventory items.


Quiz Answers

  1. YES
  2. The Cost and Stock Levels Tab
  3. One adjustment for each item in the report
  4. No, Never
  5. You have not yet run the Fix Item History portion of the report
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