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Error Message

Insufficient Rights error message comes up when trying to create a DSN on the server. The server is normally a server class operating system and has terminal services enabled.

Cause #1

This error can be caused by trying to create the DSN while in a terminal services session

Note, in order to have full access to Pervasive via a RDP session, you need to change the Utilities Interface registry key from 1 to 0 on the server. See the following article:


Pervasive does not like to create DSN's unless at the console. There are ways to open a terminal services session as a console session, but this may require an Specific version of an RDP client, and a command line parameter to work.

Cause #2

If after the initial installation, you may have receive this message if you have not yet rebooted your server.


Reboot the server and then the operating system will be ready to allow you to perform setup of DSN's via Pervasive. Note: These operations also receive an error message if using the ODBC interface only.

How To Video: Creating a DSN via the Pervasive Control Center (PCC)

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