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Installing Your System Five Winfile

Locate the license code (ex. that was emailed by Windward Administration. Go to Setup Wizard and select Company License Codes. Click on the Change /Install License Information button.

Select Update Company Information and then click on the Next button on top.

Click on the Next button on this screen. If a login window appears, login as the administrator.

The company information will appear on this screen. Click on the Next button.

Click on the next button in this window.

Still click on the Next button in this window.

On this screen, click on the Import License Codes button and select From File.

Locate the directory where the license code was saved. File name Once found, click on the Open button. (It is recommended that the file be saved on the desktop for ease of access.)

When this window appears, check all information. Make sure that the company name, address, version, number of stations, number of departments & the date of validity for updates are all correct. Then click on the Next button.

Click the Next button on this window.

This is the confirmation that the license update was successful. Click on the Finish button to complete the process. Log in on when the log in window appears.

If there are errors, please contact or call 1 800 663 5750.

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