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System Five Client Installation


The overall idea behind installing a client workstation with System Five is to install 2 software packages and connect to the database. The first software package is the Pervasive client database engine, and the second is the System Five application.

Additional information

System Five uses the pervasive database engine to connect to the data which resides on the server. Pervasive has transactional and file components meaning file security and permissions for the users running System Five is very important.


Power User Permissions for the Server Windward Share and all its files & SubFolders.

Installation of Pervasive Engine on workstation

  1. Map a drive to Server shared 'Windward' folder as W:
  2. Ensure that user is able to see all newly created directories in W:
  3. Run W:\PVSW\Clients\Win\Setup.exe do a 'Custom' install and Install to C:\PVSW. For version 9.5 or higher of pervasive please Look in W:\Temp\ for the PSQL-Client- or simularly named file.
  4. Perform all Communication Tests and Transactional tests.

Installation of Windward System Five on workstation

  1. Run W:\Temp\install.exe (If a new install has been downloaded use W:\Temp\s5install.exe)
  2. Install to C:\Windward\System5 to do a local install, do not install to a remote drive.
  3. Accept all other default settings. Finish installation
  4. Create a shortcut on Workstation desktop to: (You can edit shortcut on desktop instead)
  5. C:\Windward\System5\Bin\systemfive.exe

Checks & Measures

  • There should be a file named s5install.exe or install.exe located in W:\temp
  • There should be “PVSW”, “System5”, and “Temp” Directories under the W: drive
  • You should be able to read, write, and modify all files within the W: drive
  • Under W:\PVSW there should be a clients folder. This folder contains the installation files for the Pervasive Client
  • Under W:\Temp you should see:
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