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In Late May, Mercury Payment Systems came out with several updates and require some of our customer’s to make this change within System 5 to prevent a possible credit card payment outage.

You will need to do the following:

From System 5:

1) Click Menu; go to Setup Tools and Choose Setup Wizard

2) Check to see if the Setup Wizard is set to Advanced Mode; (You can find this on top of the setup wizard to the left hand side)

If the wizard is in simple mode; click the “To Advanced Mode»” Link

3) Scroll down to the Credit/Debit Card Verification Section of the setup wizard and click accordingly:

4) Choose Mercury Payment System subsection

5) On the Mercury payment screen (on the right hand side); click the Credit / Debit Cards button; you should then see the following screen

6) In the Merchant Number field; enter the following information 123456789012=CUSTINTL

7) Click the close button to save the changes

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