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Receiving a "Program out of date" message

It is common in multi-user or networked version of Windward System Five to install the program on the local hard drive. This can resolve several issues:

  • There is normally a speed advantages to using the local hard drive over the network.
  • This will solve some PDF printing issues that stop a workstation from being able to generate a PDF of an invoice.
  • Windows security will sometimes not allow help files to be display from a network drive.

How to update your local version

  1. When System Five detects a new version of the program is available. You will receive the following message. If you click “No” this will choose to not update the program and you will not be able to sign into your company. Clicking “Yes” will launch the synchronize utility.
  2. When the synchornize dialog appears. Click the “Syncronize” button to update your local version. Once complete, close the dialog by choosing “Exit” from the “File” menu or click on the “X” in the top right corner to close the window.

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