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Updating a Self-Hosted WECS Installation

1. Log in to myWindward

2. Go to Updates→Download software.

3. Click the 'Files' and 'Updater' buttons under WECS and save the files to the base directory of your site (the one containing wecs.php). Be sure to transfer the update.php file in binary mode if using an FTP client to move the files to the site.

4. Go to <site_home>/update.php and enter the details you use to log in to the admin panel.

5. If the site's permissions are set up to allow the apache user to write the store files, the update will be completed automatically. If not, the updater will tell you how much of the update was completed, and the rest can be performed manually.

Manual updates:

1. If the updater did not say that backups were successfully created, back up the store files and database.

2. Untar the wecsrelease.tgz file in the base directory.

3. Go to <site_home>/wecs/utils/wecsdbupgrade.php and enter the database details to update the database.

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