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DSN - Getting Lost when Uninstalled

Data Source Name(s) or DSN is defined in Pervasive Control Center (PCC) in order for users to use the following functionalities in the system:

  • Pervasive.SQL.Databases
  • Pervasive.SQL DSN-less Database

This greatly helps the improvement of speed in searching on the database of the system. Since, most of the customers are using old versions of Pervasive Database Engine (e.g. V9.5, V8, and V7), they definitely have defined their DSN’s in PCC for their datasets. In view of the fact that we need to uninstall the older versions before installing PSQL v10, previously defined DSN gets lost of the connection as well as could bring or prompt an error message: “[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager]Data Source Name not found and no default driver specified. Component is SQL Database, Status 51 owned by dm1” upon installation of the new version.

The following steps will re-define the DSN for datasets used in PSQL v10 PCC:
  1. Ensure that the appropriate PSQL v10 Database Engine is installed in every station
    • Client Station - PSQL V10 Client Database Engine
    • Acting Server - PSQL V10 Workgroup Database Engine
    • Real Server - PSQL V10 Server Database Engine
  2. Go to Windows [Start], [Run], and in the Open field type in “PCC” then hit the [ENTER] key
  3. Expand “Engines” by simply clicking on [+]
  4. Server's Computer Name will then show up on the list, and click [+] to expand.
  5. Expanding “Databases” will then display all the databases available for the current workstation
  6. Highlight “Database”, right click and select New Database
  7. Define the Database Name (DSN) and Location (Data Location) of the dataset
    • DSN: CompanyXYZLiveData,GroupABCTrainingData
    • Data Location: C:\Windward\System5\Data\_datafiles
  8. Try expanding the DSN Tree to check if all dataset tables show up on the list
  9. Exit PCC to save the changes done
  10. Run System Five and re-setup the Pervasive.SQL Database Settings in the Setup Wizard>Network Settings>Pervasive.SQL Databases and Pervasive.SQL DSN-Less Connections
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