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Basic Overview of How to Export Data from the DOS version of TMAN (or Transaction Manager)

Open the TMAN (DOS) software and on the MAIN menu, select SYSTEM from the list and then MULTI-USER.
Next, right-click and select SYSTEM MULTIPLE and then EXCLUSIVE MODE. Click yes to confirm the switch to Exclusive Mode. 
Go Back to SYSTEM on the menu and select to EXPORT and right-click to select either CUSTOMER, INVENTORY, or SUPPLIER. 
A popup window will appear – either the name you choose for the export file and press ENTER. 

Next, search for the file on the computer – by default it should be under the TMAN file folder in the computer and will not 
have any extension listed, only the name you supplied. Right-click on the file and rename it with the extension .XLS and 
press Enter. This will create a new copy of the file in Excel format. 

Click to open the file (Excel or Open Office must be on the machine) and a popup will appear showing the data in the file. 
There will be options for separating the data via certain symbols as the text file originally created by the TMAN export 
pushes everything together into a single line on the file. Select the option to separate by comma and by pipe (|) and then 
open the file in Excel (or Open Office). The file can now be cleaned up and saved as an XLS or CSV for import.
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