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This error has been coming up on several occasions for a few of our customers:

Zip and write completed in 1 minutes 32 seconds
Export completed in 1 hours 57 minutes 27 seconds
Error during update!
An error was encountered during the update. Diagnostic information about the error appears below.

I/O error 103

Although this error appears every time s5poll.exe updates, all information are sent and received from both the Main Office and WEAR/Polling location without any problems. To fix this, follow these steps:

Note: Before doing these, please make sure that nobody is logged in to System5 on the affected location.

1. Connect to the location’s server
2. Stop S5poll.exe
3. Check for ‘Polling.Now’ file under the location’s dataset
4. If you can find this, delete the file
5. Run s5poll.exe again and you should not be getting the 103 error again


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