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Epson TM-T90 Receipt Printer Setup With Logo Printing

Windward Software

We can not guarantee that the Logo printing functionality will work with every version of any manufacturer's printer driver. Nor can we guarantee that the barcode printing will continue to function after upgrading a printer driver, or a Windows operating System.
This feature hasn't been tested in a Cloud or RDP environment, and currently isn't supported in those environments.

Installing the Driver

First you will need to install the latest driver from Epson and make sure that you can print a test page. The printer we used was a Parallel port model, and it would not print a test page until we installed the latest driver APD_452cE.exe, which can be downloaded from Epson's website.

Setup Printer To Print a Logo

Once you install and test by printing a Windows Test Page, you will need to load a graphic into the printer.

To do this, go to Printers and Faxes in Windows.

Double click on the Epson TM-T90 Receipt printer, then click on Printer, and Properties.

Now click on the Utility tab, and click on Epson Flash Logo.

Click on the Bitmap Selection tab, and then click on Open File. You will then need to browse to the location on your hard drive where the file is saved. You should try and keep this image fairly small because your paper width is only about 3 inches wide. You may have to re-size your graphic several times to find the correct size that will fit within the confines of your receipt. The logo I used was 328 x 141 pixels, which printed about 2 inches wide. Also your graphic must be in Windows BMP format.

You can then click on the Preview tab and can tweak some of the settings to improve how the graphic will look when you print it If your logo is already in Gray-Scale, or is strictly black and white, you can leave the half tone method set to none. If you are using a color graphic, you may want to test it with either Dither or Error Diffusion as well to determine which method will give you the best print quality. If you have kept your graphic at around the 328 pixels wide, you should not need to change the Quality settings, Single Height&Width should work just fine.

Next click on the Logo Upload tab, click on your graphic in the list on the left hand side, and click on the device button. It can take about 30 seconds to a minute for the program to respond depending on the connection type of your printer (USB,Serial, or Parallel) and the size of your graphic. Once it uploads you will get a pop up that says “All logo files are written in the NV bit image area of the device. Continue it?”.

Click yes to continue. You will then see a progress bar, and it will finish uploading to the printer. You will then see another pop up that says “upload finished, and writing of bit image completed. Logo becomes available after the reset of the device.” Click OK. You have now successfully loaded a graphic into key 48,48. You can load several graphics into the printer in the remaining keys by selecting them from the drop down. However you will need to change the codes in System Five to the key code that corresponds to the graphic you want to print on the receipt.

Now you can test print your logo by clicking on the Logo Printout tab, click the Get Key Code button to display a list of available graphics, click on the key code in the list (in our example we loaded the graphic into 48,48) and click the print button. After a few seconds the logo should print on your receipt printer.

Next we need to set when we want the logo to print. Go back into Printers and faxes.

Double click on the Epson TM-T90 Receipt printer, then click on Printer, and Properties.

Now click on the Printing Preferences button.

click on the Document Settings tab, and scroll all the way down until you see Start of Document. Click on it and from the drop down next to Select Logo, select “Logo registered in the printer (NV graphic), select key code 48 for the first key code, and 48 for the second. You can also select the print position here. I recommend it be set to Center. Now click OK

The driver setup and logo load is now complete.

Set Up Logo Printing In System Five

Open System Five, and in the navigator click on Setup Tools, Printing Options, Printer Setup, and select the Epson TM-T90 Receipt on the left hand window. Now in the right hand window, select Slip Printer, and Fast Dot Matrix should automatically be selected. Now, where it says Select Printer Codes, select 8 | SLIP PRINTER from the drop down, and then click on the Printer Codes tab. Now we need to set the codes to force the printer to print the logo at the top of each slip receipt.

Click on the Reset line. Now on the bottom field in this screen we need to add the following codes:

ESC ”@“

ESC “a” 49

GS ”(“ “L” 6 0 48 69 48 48 1 1

ESC “a” 48

ESC “J” 150

What these codes mean:

ESC ”@“ ( resets the printer )

ESC “a” 49 ( center justifies the graphic )

GS ”(“ “L” 6 0 48 69 48 48 1 1 ( prints the graphic located in Key 48,48 )

ESC “a” 48 ( left justifies the remainder of the slip form )

ESC “J” 150 ( Line feed 150 points )

Now try printing a receipt, or re-printing a receipt in System Five and you should see your logo on the top of every receipt. If the logo is overlapping any of the text in your receipt, edit the receipt form, and add a few blank lines at the beginning of the header page. This will move the text further down on your receipt.

Created By Steve Wind July 5 2012
Updated March 12 2020
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