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Problems with E-Commerce Export

Workflow: ask the customer for the system five part number, windward unique number, and description of the part in question and make sure it was checked for export to e-commerce on system five(open part in system five and open web tab). Also, get the credentials from the customer's real windward information.


store ID: roscarisawesome
password: 88jediboy88

username: rcunanan2wws5com
password: 88jediboy88

1. direct the URL to the exact page of the item

example: where xxxxx is the part number if the e-commerce configuration is set to use part numbers or unique number if it is set to unique number (General option number 12 in admin panel)

2. search for the item description or part number on the e-commerce website

if the item will not display when clicking its category, try to do a search for it using either part number or description

3. If the item is a Matrix Child Item, search for or directly go to the page of the Parent Matrix Item

By default, Child Matrix items are not searchable. If you search for the parent matrix item and see if the options for the child item are available. example, PARENTITEMPART123456 color=red size=small.


If the items still do not show up on the site, then there is a possibility the problem occurs during the export process from system five

1. check to see if there is an inside their ftp temp folder

This will mean there was a last attempted update but it was not successful. successful exports will move the inside a part_import folder


The most likely reason that an is still in the temp folder is that the credentials for the e-commerce tab in the XML Central export settings is wrong. You will have to change the credentials in the ecommerce tab again to what is indicated in their real windward customer record.

2. If there is no file inside the temp folder or a recently created partimport_* folder, it means the FTP settings on their XML Central is wrong

You can test this by using FileZilla to move a dummy file into the temp folder using the credentials which should be saved inside the customer's comments tab. If you can log in to the FTP folder but you cant move files, then it is likely an FTP issue which you can address to I.T. or the service development team.

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