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DTI Call Failure

Windward Software


When trying to link a Pervasive DSN Connection from a workstation to the DSN on the server, we received an error “DSN Less invalid” and “DTI Call Failure error” when we clicked on Test.

Detailed Problem Solution

After testing several different settings we found that the cause was an incorrect IP address of the server in the hosts file ( C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts ). So the DSN Less connection was trying to resolve to the wrong IP. We tested this theory by entering the correct IP address in the server field in the DSN Less setup of this workstation, and now it tested ok. We then changed the IP address of the server to the correct one in the hosts file, and saved it. Then in System Five we changed the server name in the DSN Less settings back to the name of the server, and now when we clicked the test button the DSN tested OK.

Created by Steve Wind May 9 2012


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