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Driver's License Card Swipe In System Five

Windward Software


This is an extremely useful feature of System Five which enables the clerks to automatically set up a new customer account from the information contained on their driver's license. At the same time it will also give you the customer's age which is useful if you sell age restricted products like cigarettes, or alcohol. This also can eliminate the need for separate customer loyalty cards, as the driver's license can now be used each time to pull up the customer's account information. To begin using a customer's Driver's License in this method you will need a keyboard wedge style credit card scanner, or a keyboard that has a built in credit card scanner. You can not use a debit / credit card pin pad for this purpose.

Enabling Driver's License Scanning

There are really only two settings that you will need to set to enable credit card scanning in System Five. The first it to enable the card reader. To do this, click on Setup Tools - Setup Wizard - Credit/Debit Card Verification Options (if you do not see this option, then verify that you are in Advanced Mode. If you are in Advanced Mode, you should see «To Simple Mode on the top left corner of the screen. If you see To Advanced Mode » You will need to click where it says To Advanced Mode » to switch to Advanced Mode. Now you should see Credit/Debit Card Verification Options). Now click on Credit/Debit Card Verification Options, then on the Credit Card Info tab, and click on the check box next to Use Keyboard Wedge Credit Card Scanner, to put a check in the box.

This step is optional if you do not sell age restricted products, you may not want to see the Customer Age pop up. To set up the minimum age settings in System Five : click on Setup Tools - Setup Wizard - invoice setup - Minimum Driver's License Age Then set the age in the right hand side of the screen.

If you have set a minimum age, this is the first pop up you will see when you scan a Driver's License from your navigator screen.

This gives you a very quick visual reference that shows the customers age, rather than having the clerk figure it out for themselves for each customer. Obviously this is a real time saver in a busy sales environment.

If the customer does not have an account set up with you yet, when you click on the OK button you will receive another pop up that asks you if you would like to create the account.

Yes will create it, and open an invoice for that customer.

If you now go back and look up the customer you will see that all information that can be extracted from the driver's license will have been filled in on the customer record, and the Account Number is the customer's driver's license number.

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Steve Wind June 9 2011
Updated July 4 2011


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