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Dollar Value Coupon As An Inventory Item

Windward Software


Rather than setting up coupons through a promotion, it may be easier to simply set a fixed dollar value coupon which can be directly applied to an invoice as an inventory item. You can even follow the same process to set up different value coupons.


- open navigator

- inventory and purchases

- new item

- Select misc. or non stocking parts. Any misc. category will work.

- then select a sub category in the right window, if you have a non counting stock sub category, select this one as it will not take the item from stock, or warn you that you are out of stock.

- Now give your coupon a part number, such as discount-10 and click Next.

- Enter a description such as $10 Discount Coupon and click Next.

- On Cost And Retail Price screen click OK

- this will take you into your newly created discount inventory item.

- Now click on the Retail tab, or alternately, the Retail button on the left side of the screen.

- Click in the Code column on the List line and change the D to an F (for Fixed Price).

- Then click in Regular % Column on the List line, and type -10 and hit enter. Notice that this has put $10.00 in brackets for your Next Price. This means that the price is a negative dollar value, or that the customer will be credited $10.00. You will also notice that it has given all your different price levels different percentages of this discount. You will probably want this coupon to be the same for all your customers, so at this time you should also set them all to be Code F and Regular % of -10.

- Click on the Taxes button on the left side of the screen and uncheck any taxes that are presently checked.

- click OK and your new discount inventory item has been created.

Steve Wind December 31 2012


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