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start up the Design Inventory report

initial screen should look like this notice that there is a check box that says “adjust inventory in this report” check this off

your now looking at the gravy of changing mass amounts of inventory records notice the white and yellow cells white cells will be uneffected by the report, inventory items will retain their original settings for those cells.

Yellow happens when you make a change to a cell and that is what will be changed on all inventory that hit our report.
Changing price codes, percentages, taxes and even sale dates can all be setup for alteration here.

once the changes are setup we can start going through the rest of the report. setup some filters for the report (unless your modifying your entire inventory) notice the tabs supplier, catagory, lookup words, and various other filters to effect what gets reported (remember just like the check box we initally pressed only inventory that gets included with this report will be effected), this is a very powerful way to controll pricing in your system based on supplier brand catagory and combinations of them.

you will also need to use the column tab and select at lease one field or as many as you like or the report will not work

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