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 +The cause of the multi-currency list out of bounds error because normally your first currency should be a base currency in your setup. This can't be changed after the faxt, so you will have to make the US currency also a base currency. ​ If you have bank accounts in USD you will need USD to be a base currency in order to get a G/L balance for your bank account.
 +A base currency is any currency you need to get a G/L balance.
 +To fix this, in the Setup Wizard -> Multi Currency -> Multi-Currency Wizard, ​ in the multi-currency wizard, press "​back"​ until you get to step 3, Click to define base currencies, ​ Select US dollars, press Edit, Click on "This is a base currency"​
 +** Always ensure you have a recent backup prior to altering any database BTR file **
 +If a message stating the currency file (ie W:​\System5\Data\ACT00001.BTR) already exists. ​ The currency has not be converted to a base and will require the ACT00001.BTR file to be deleted. ​  ​Re-checking the option to make this currency as base will regenerate this file.
 +Author: cralph\\
 +Editor: arose\\
 +Last Edited: 12-Sept-2007
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