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To be able to create a refund check for a customer who has a credit on their account enable the following: (Customer has a $50 credit on his account that you want to remove and pay via check to the customer)

  • Enable the option to create “Refund Check Journal Entries” in the Setup Wizard
  • Now create a R-Type invoice for the amount of the check you are writing to the customer
  • Choose the Tender tab. Then double-click the Check value box; or type -50 in the Check value box, and then press the <Enter> key
  • This will bring up the “Issue Refund Check” window where you enter in the details such as the check # and any comments
  • Now that the check has been given to the customer and their balance is $0.00, the payment needs to be applied to the credit balance to remove it from the system.
    • First go to Accounts Receivable - Payments on Account - New Payment
    • Choose your customer, then Apply the payment against the credit balance

See Camtasia file: refund-cheque.flv

Author: mgregoire
Editor: arose
Last Edited: 17-Aug-2007

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