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Copying a Gift Card file to a new dataset


(1) This document requires knowledge of Pervasive SQL. It is imperative that you have a working backup of your data prior to running any of these steps.

(2) We cannot maintain any links to the customer and invoices for the gift card records. These links will be deleted as the invoices and or customer records would not exist after a System Restart.


The dataset was restarted but the Gift Card transaction record is gone. A copy of the old data is available and we would like the Gift Card transaction data copied to the new dataset.


Copy giftcard.btr from the old data to the data folder of the new restarted data.

In PCC Run the following: UPDATE giftcard set Invoice=0 where Invoice > 0;
UPDATE giftcard set customer=0 where customer > 0;
UPDATE giftcard set trandata=0 where trandata > 0;

This will still keep the original giftcard history, even though the invoices are gone.

Author: cralph
Editor: arose
Last Edited: 9 -Oct-2007

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