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Cannot Log Into Web Wireless

Problem 1:

I cannot log into the Web Wireless application as my Terminal ID is missing.

Solution 1:

Open System Five on the Web Wireless server. There is a session manager window that you need to open. If your terminal ID number is shown in the list then you need to click on that line and select the delete button. This will remove that session connection.

Warning: Do not remove terminal IDs that are in use as the user will not be able to transfer information back to the Web Wireless Server.

Solution 2:

If there has been an updated licence file installed recently, check the new licence file to make sure all settings are correct. Line 47 Web Wireless should be set to Y. At the bottom of the licence file in the Special Modules area Wireless Clients should exist with a quantity greater than zero.

Author: arose
Editor: arose
Last Edited: 18-Jan-2008

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