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Cancelled By User Error

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“Cancelled By User” error sending emails from System Five To Outlook


One known cause of this is different versions of the Mapi engines (Messaging Application Programming Interface) in Windows. Most Windows applications use the 32 bit version, but if you are using a 64 bit version of Windows, and have installed a recent version of Microsoft Office (Office 2005 or 2008) It may have installed the 64 bit version of Mapi. The simple solution may be to uninstall office, including Outlook, and reinstall the 32 bit version. Both are shipped on the same CD. That way it will install the 32 bit version of Mapi and you should be able to send email again from System Five.

Steve Wind - December 28, 2012


  • FixMapi is a tool that can repair an existing MAPI install. use the command “fixmapi” in the DOS prompt.
Matt Miller - November 27, 2014
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