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Canadian Payroll Calculation of Deductions

If you suspect payroll has overdeducted or underdeducted, please follow the instructions of the Canadian Revenue Agency. These indicates to make an adjustment on a subsequent pay period if caught in the current year.

You can use the online calculator provided by the Canadian Revenue Agency to confirm deduction amounts.


  • 2020-02-10 [58115] BC Income Tax calculation was under deducting when employees were configured with multiple incomes. A few examples of multiple income streams are as follows:
    • Regular income + Overtime (non-exempt type) or any other incomes except bonus
    • Regular income + Bonus (non-exempt)
    • Regular income + Bonus + other incomes except bonus (non-exempt)
    • The same combination as above for exempt types (IE Exempt, CPP Exempt, both EI and CPP exempt. If reg income is exempt type, other incomes must be of exempt type as well)
    • RESOLUTION: Update to Windward Payroll version (Payroll SYS Version or higher
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