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Troubleshooting Steps

If you are getting this error in System Five: 1. Test it in a command prompt to verify that the Ctrl+B and Carriage return is being scanned.

2. Note what barcode numbers are being scanned to verify that no numbers are being omitted. You could also do this step in note pad.

3. If this is a terminal services session, exit the session, and open notepad on the local computer. Scan the barcodes again to determine if they are complete here. If they are… You have an issue with the terminal services session. Refer to the following Wikki Article:

Detailed Problem Solution

One customer had an issue where the barcode scanner would read the barcode and drop the first character consistently 2 out of 3 times. Every third time worked perfectly. We confirmed this in notepad within the terminal services session. However when we tried it in notepad outside of terminal services, the barcode scanned correctly every time. Once we followed the wiki on Using Barcode Scanners With Windows Terminal Services, the barcodes now scanned consistently every time.

Created by Steve Wind April 5 2013


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