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Backing up your System Five Data

Before upgrading your System Five, it is always a good idea to make a backup of your data.
Making a backup of your data is key, because if anything potentially goes wrong in an update, you can always
refer back to a working, non-effected copy of your data.

When it comes to backing up your System Five, the data directory folder is what you need to take into consideration.
The System Five data folder holds everything from your inventory to invoices, transactions, etc.

For a successful backup copy, EVERYONE will need to be SIGNED OUT of System 5. To ensure no one logs into System 5
during the backup copy, use the GETOUT!.NOW file. For more information on this file, Click here and go to Getting everyone out

To check where your data folder is located

1. Sign into your System Five and navigate to the Help > About menu.

2. Find your System Five Data Directory by scrolling down to the datadirectory section.

In this case, F:\DATA\WINDWARD\_datafiles is the datadirectory.

Copying your System Five Data Directory

Now that you know where your data is stored, you can easily copy it to create your backup.
To find your data directory, copy and paste the path from the datadirectory image into an explorer window.

1. To open a explorer window, right click on the start menu shown below:

2. Navigate to your Data Directory (check the datadirectory image) and right click on the folder, and select copy, like shown below:

As you can see the at the top of the screen circled, is the path of your data directory.

  • It's always good to verify this path with the DataDirectory Path in the previous image.
  • In this case we used a different dataset, but typically the most common path is C:\Windward\System5\Data or W:\System5\Data

Pasting your Data directory and completing backup

Once you have copied your Data directory you can paste it to whichever location you would like, typically in the System5 folder, like below:

1. Right click on any white space in the folder and select Paste

After you have pasted your Data folder, the end result will be a folder called Copy of Data. This will be your backup copy.
Of course, this can always be renamed to the date of the backup, but it isn't mandatory.

After making a backup of your System Five Data you will be ready undergo the next step in upgrade prerequisites.
Click here to go back to the update checklist

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