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Support Plan Prices in Australia

Please be sure to advise clients of the price before and after tax - this is very important in Australia

300 Minutes $ 500.00 + $ 50.00 tax = Total $ 550.00
600 Minutes $ 900.00 + $ 90.00 tax = Total $ 990.00
1200 Minutes $1,600.00 + $160.00 tax = Total $1,760.00

When making an Australia invoice

  1. Please be sure that you are in the Australia Department
  2. Choose the appropriate minute plan. All of our inventory items are set up to automatically calculate based on the country they are in, so the taxes noted above are automatically added to the invoice. If the price is not the same as stated above then change the price following the correct rate
  3. If the client has not been set up correctly yetPlease be sure to collect the totals as listed above.
  4. If the receipt was not sent inform via email the Account Manager
  5. if the copy of the invoice will be sent to customers cc the Account Manager
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