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Web Wireless Advanced Troubleshooting


This document assumes we have the following components of the web wireless system operational:

1) Pervasive Workgroup Engine installed and licensed for 5 users on the Web Wireless Workstation
2) Windward License codes with number of terminals + N + 1
(N = Number of web wireless terminals + 1 extra for the web wireless server)
3) Wireless handheld is connected to the Wireless network and can connect to web pages on the Internet. 4) Active DSN connection is established on the Web Wireless Workstation.

Barcode Scanner:

If the barcode scanner does not operate when the toggle key is pressed then the scanning software will need to be configured on the device. There are two programs that perform this function, DataWedge and ScanWedge. Most handheld scanners come with the ScanWedge software. If the ScanWedge software is not installed on your handheld you can download the ScanWedge program using the following link:

Cradle your handheld and upload the ScanWedge program. For details on loading programs into your handheld, please consult your product documentation.

Cannot communicate with Web Wireless Workstation

If the Web Wireless system is configured according to the steps above then check the following:

Programs bound to Port 80

Programs like Skype will bind to port 80. What this means is when you start the Apache Server it will not be able to use port 80 as Skype has control of it. Programs that perform a bind on port 80 are rare given that port 80 is the main port for all your World Wide Web communications.

Apache httpd conf

Apache has a file called httpd.conf where we can define the port that the Apache server will listen on. This configuration file can be located at:


You are looking for the line:

Listen 80

This line may be changed if you are having problems connecting to the Web Wireless Workstation. The number after the Listen attribute is the port that the Web Wireless Workstation will listen. If the Listen port is different than 80 you need to connect to the Web Wireless Workstation using an address as follows (assuming the Web Wireless Workstation is on address


This assume the Listen attribute in the http.conf file is

Listen 8080

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Last Edited: 12-Jun-2008

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