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Server Locks Up At Roughly The Same Time Every Day

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According to the Pervasive website. The issue is with XIO a component with Pervasive that is installed by default, but may, or may not, improve the performance of Pervasive. It does appear to cause some backup issues as well with Acronis, so it can be safely disabled. This will likely need to be done outside of your regular business hours, the server will need to be restarted twice.

The thread below is from one of the pervasive message boards, and is a conversation between a Pervasive Tech and an end user. This end user was running Acronis 9.1, but it may affect other versions of the Acronis software as well.

Thread From Pervasive Web Site

Re: Pervasive 10 & Acronis for Windows Server Version 9.1 - Conflict

Look at the information below, maybe this is relevant to you. XIO interferes with mounting of external NTFS volume Problem Description: The reported problem is that external PNP (Plug-and-Play) devices formatted with NTFS that are installed after XIO is started (ex. Removable USB hard disk device) are not mounted correctly. Devices installed before XIO is started during boot-time will be mounted along with other non-removable disks. Problem Environment: Pervasive PSQL v10.0 32 bit Server XIO Microsoft Windows Cause of this problem: XIO has problems with PNP devices installed after XIO is started. Solution Notes: The safest resolution is to uninstall XIO. This can be done at time of v10.0 install, or modifying v10.0 in Add/Remove Programs. In both cases, XIO will need to be unchecked so that it is not installed. In v10.01, Or you can disable XIO by doing the following (NOTE: The better option is to uninstall XIO):

1. Boot the operating system into safe mode (typically, press the F8 key as the system is attempting to boot).

2. At a command prompt, execute the command xiomgr -disable to prevent the XIO driver from loading.

3. Reboot the operating system, which should load without starting XIO.

Additional information regarding disabling XIO can be found here: Troubleshooting XIO


XIO does not currently supported this functionality. Pervasive will investigate to see if this can be supported in future release.


Isn't XIO one of the main improvements to Pervasive? If we disable or uninstall it won't we lose those improvements?


We first have to determine if the problem goes away when XIO is not in the picture. It is unfortunate, but sometimes different software packages turn out to be incompatible. XIO is a driver component that we install, if the system meets the requirements, that may under certain conditions improve performance. If your database already fits in the main Pervasive database cache then XIO provides no benefit. Everybody I have recommended uninstall XIO so far has fallen into the scenario where the database fits in the default cache settings.


I did some testing on this issue. I disabled XIO from the server, rebooted, ran Acronis, and I was able to perform the backups without incident. I then re-enabled XIO, rebooted again, ran Acronis, and the problem was back. So I think it is safe to say that XIO is definitely playing the lead part in all this.

Created by Steve Wind - April 17 2012


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