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Pervasive 161 Error


The pervasive 161 error occurs on the following conditions:

1) Your temporary Pervasive license has expired
2) You have exceeded the number of concurrent Pervasive users


1) The Pervasive Key Code should be contained in your software package after purchasing Windward System Five.
After Pervasive is installed go to Start → Pervasive → Other Utilities → License Administrator
Enter the code into the License Key boxes. If the code has been entered correctly then a Pervasive Permanent License will be added to the list as shown in Figure 1. Note the permanent license codes in Figure 1. If the License window shows expired temporary licenses then the Pervasive 161 error will be raised when attempting to start System Five.

Figure 1 - Sample Pervasive License Manager Window

2) If you have a permanent Pervasive license then the 161 error may be a result of too many users logged on concurrently. You may purchase another license key for Pervasive and install it using the step above to increase the concurrent user count or log a user off of Windward to release a Pervasive license to the general pool. Please contact your Windward account manager if there is a need to increase the number of concurrent users in your Windward System Five.

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Last Edited: 5-Aug-2010

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